Why Faber?

Faber, on fire since 1844

About Faber

In 1844, the Faber Fire was ignited by Jan Gerrits Faber in Franeker, Friesland. He began in a smithy and created the foundation of today's range of fireplaces. 175 years after beginning as a visionary who had a unique passion, the craftmanship and innovation have led us to become experts in fire. Our passion extends beyond the fire, to the warmth it adds to life - the atmosphere and connection we experience together. We create the space for quality time.

The vanguard of fires

Our People

Many modern fireplace technologies wouldn't exist without Faber. From the beginning, our craftsmen were committed to developing the most beautiful and natural fires. This unique history, knowledge and passion for advancement made Faber the source for so many technologies and patents that are the standard for the international market today. We lead the gas fireplace market and are also forging into the future. Working with new energy sources, like propane and electricity, we're creating new technologies with water mist and LED lights. Our passion continues!

A Brand Within Glen Dimplex Americas

Operating in North America, Glen Dimplex Americas is our parent brand with a focus on innovation and sustainability. We work hard to develop new, often low carbon, technologies that customers can trust within a variety of industries. Glen Dimplex Americas now includes a dynamic portfolio of leading brands in several home comfort categories including; electric heating, electric fireplaces, wood stoves and ovens, and gas fireplaces.

Discover our range

Faber offers a range of different fires between gas and electric. There is a perfect fire for every home and you'll find your fit with Faber.